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High performance marketing that outperforms the norms - by a lot.

Success Stories

Higher Ed Solutions

While students grow increasingly less enamored of inboxes loaded with digital marketing, they are embracing the personal touch and surprise of our tactile direct mail. See how colleges and universities are:

  • Attracting top student prospects
  • Increasing enrollment applications
  • Boosting alumni donations
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Agency Solutions

In an oversaturated and increasingly more expensive digital world, Agencies are adding our new-age direct mail into their clients’ marketing mix to help:

  • Launch new products
  • Boost digital traffic from print
  • Increase sales and brand awareness
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Services & Tech Solutions

In an industry where the provider IS the product, telling a brand story is not as effective as showing one. With the surprising experience of dimensional direct mail, service industry marketers are:

  • Firmly establish brand identity
  • Building trust
  • Staying top-of-mind
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Pharmaceutical Solutions

Interactive elements, movement and technology get past gatekeepers to Health Care Providers. With video mailers and interactive print solutions, healthcare marketers are:

  • Breaking through to physicians
  • Better educating patients
  • Promoting launches, meetings, and conferences
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Insurance Solutions

If you were to remove the logos from the communications independent agents receive from carriers, most would not be able to tell them apart. Set yourself apart using dimensional solutions that:

  • Educate agents
  • Stand out with Producers and CSR’s
  • Connect with policy holders
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How It Works 

Invented by Geniuses. Assembled by Humans. Designed by You.

1. Choose. Price. Design.

  • Pick a design and template
  • Find instant pricing online
  • Design and upload your art
  • Review your work in 3D

2. Best in Class Production

  • Hands on Customer Service
  • Printing/Die Cutting/Hand Assembly
  • 100% Quality Control
  • Bulk ships or mails in as few as 7 days

3. Wow Your Customers

  • Leave a lasting impact
  • Experience superior results
  • Accept accolades
  • Try to remain humble

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Our Story 

As the ecommerce division of dimensional print marketing pioneer Structural Graphics, Red Paper Plane® is the only online resource for design-it-yourself interactive print marketing solutions.

We started Red Paper Plane in 2013 to provide affordable dimensional solutions quickly to any sized marketer or designer. In the time since, we’ve expanded our product offering to over 100 unique designs and perfected our production process to allow us to ship orders in as few as 7 days.

Our interactive print solutions consistently drive superior marketing results when used for brand awareness, promotional campaigns, corporate events and more.

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Disruptive direct mail, dimensional pop ups, video in print brochures, VR Viewers, and more.

Red Paper Plane® is a print solutions playground for designers and marketers who are willing to break out of the norm in order to break through the clutter. Using dimension, movement, electronics and video, our interactive direct mail solutions stand out, get noticed and drive superior marketing results when used for brand awareness, promotional campaigns, corporate events and more. Red Paper Plane is the only online resource for DIY dimensional mail and marketing materials. Place your artwork, branding and messaging on our easy-to-download templates and our quick-turn production method will have you generating buzz in as little as ten days.